How to change Ptcl Wifi Password

So you have bought a new PTCL broadband connection. Now you want to change your modem password. That is why we wrote this article. As people buy their new modem they want to change their password due to the security reasons or the original password of the modem is so simple and everyone can connect.

So today on the behalf of Ptcl Speed test we are going to show you how you can change your PTCL wifi password easily.

Before we get started let’s discuss PTCL. Ptcl (Pakistan telecommunication company) is the biggest broadband provider in Pakistan. They have been working in Pakistan since 1995. They are the biggest Landline and broadband providers in Pakistan.

Let’s not waste any more time and proceed to the simple to follow the process.

How to change Ptcl Wifi password

Open your browser

This is a necessary step if you want to change your Wifi password. Any kind of browser will work like Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Search for login address

Go to the search bar and type 192.168.10 or depending upon you device model and a login form should pop up. Just enter the logins and hit enter.

Locate the Wireless security

New window of the ptcl dashboard should appear. Go on the options shown in the left bar. Locate on the wireless and click it. A new dropdown will appear. Just click on the security. Security allows you to access and provide an option to play around with the wifi security.

Finally, Change the password

On the security page you will see WPA/WAPI passphrase option. This option allows you to delete the preview password or to add a new password. There is also an option to view your previous password. Just click on the hidden password and change it. To check the changes password click on “Click here to Display”. It will show you the password you changed just click Apply/save and boom you got a new password.

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