How can I fix my PTCL Slow Speed

Ptcl is a well-known Pakistani internet service provider. It is the biggest Pakistani brand in terms of landline and broadband service. Their internet speed fast like bullets in some areas of Pakistan like Lahore and Islamabad and Karachi. but in some areas, people suffer from low download and upload speed along with high ping rate.

So we have compiled a list of solutions that you can implement on your broadband to improve its speed in terms of download and upload.

First of all, make sure you check your internet speed through our Ptcl Speed Test tool. If you are at the counter your ping rate is higher than 100 then please contact PTCL Support to resolve this issue.

Check Wire

Ptcl uses telephone cable to deliver internet connection. so any damage in the internet wire can harm your internet speed. So go out and check the wire thoroughly for any damages or loose connections.

Make sure you check all the wire in or outside your house. make sure the internet splitter is working fine and the cable is not loose.

Bandwidth Limitations

Make sure you use reasonable devices for your bandwidth. if you have a 4 Mb connection you must not use more than two devices. If you are using more than two devices then don’t believe your ISP.

Make sure to restart your modem after 24 hours. it will refresh the connection and remove any software problem that is causing the low speed. make sure you repeat this cycle every 24 hours.

Use Good Ethernet Cable

Make sure your internet cable is in fine condition. any damage in the ethernet cable can harm your internet speed. So buy a good CAT5 or CATe 5 cable.

Change DNS Server

New DNS server. It helps your internet speed and response time. Google public DNS is very good. If you don’t know you can change your DNS server just download DNS jumper software and click on Run It will run for you and check which is the best DNS for you.

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