Fastest Internet Providers of Pakistan in 2021

fastest ISPs in pakistan

As we are progressing as a nation, the need for new and improved technology is increasing. Pakistan lacks behind when looking for fast internet, but it is still better than other asian countries. With the introduction of new ISPs, internet packages are more affordable and speedy. In this post, I will be looking at the … Read more

How to change Ptcl Wifi Password

So you have bought a new PTCL broadband connection. Now you want to change your modem password. That is why we wrote this article. As people buy their new modem they want to change their password due to the security reasons or the original password of the modem is so simple and everyone can connect. … Read more

How can I fix my PTCL Slow Speed

Ptcl is a well-known Pakistani internet service provider. It is the biggest Pakistani brand in terms of landline and broadband service. Their internet speed fast like bullets in some areas of Pakistan like Lahore and Islamabad and Karachi. but in some areas, people suffer from low download and upload speed along with high ping rate. … Read more

How can I check my PTCL Speed?

PTCL Pakistan’s famous broadband company. Ptcl stands for Pakistan Telecommunication private limited. It started back in 1995. Initially, it was famous for providing Line connections but later started providing broadband service and now they are Pakistan’s Biggest broadband brand. Despite having a lot of competitors PTCL still stands tallest in the Pakistan market. It provides … Read more