Book Review: A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro

Title: A Study in Charlotte (Charlotte Holmes, #1) by Brittany Cavallaro

Publisher: by Katherine Tegen Books

Publication Date: March 1st, 2018

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Mystery, Retelling

Format: E-book, 316 pages


I don’t know much about Holmes and Watson from the original Arthur Conan Doyle novels’ but it’s something that I would like to do at some point in the future. I was somewhat disappointed, there were some things that bothered me especially in the beginning but I did find the characters and the mystery very enjoyable.

The biggest issue I had with this book was the beginning, I felt we immediately dove into the story with very little setup and very little interaction between the characters beforehand. I also had trouble telling how much time had passed between events at times. Then there was his large gap in time where a lot of the characters early relationship development happens that we missed, and in that time there was very little progress of solving the mystery.

Honestly, I have never read a book by either of these lovely ladies and I didn’t even know this book existed until I was contacted by the publisher about it but the plot really intrigued me.

This book really reminded me of me of the type of books that were coming out when I started getting into reading in about 2012. This book was a fast paste and the plot was very entertaining, but it would have been better suited for me a couple years ago.The beginning scene with the tornado was a little confusing for me, I don’t think it was clear to what was happening exactly and I kept waiting to see if things were going to be elaborated on at some point.

I never felt like I was connecting with the characters, I found them to be unlikable, and I felt like the way they were talking is what people think teenagers talk like. I also felt like I never really got to know them, and that I needed something more to be able to grasp who they really were.

It’s easy to tell that both of the main characters and their relationship dynamic (romance not included) are modeled after their ancestors Sherlock and John. Charlotte was heavily based on Sherlock, though this behavior is associated with Sherlock I wish that she was a bit more original and that there were more distinction between the two. Sometimes I felt that Charlotte didn’t really have her personality, I hope that we see her develop more throughout the series and we get to see more of her individuality.

Watson (James or Jamie) was such an enjoyable character, he was very sweet to Charlotte and you can tell he really cares about her, Though sometimes I thought that he idolized her a little too much, and in this book I wish it had focused more on just developing the friendship between them, then introducing the relationship and his feelings in the next book.

Even though I had some mixed reviews on this book, I did find it entertaining and I do plan on continuing the series right away, this book was a fun read and I hope the next books are even better.

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