Ptcl Speed Test - Best Speed Test In Pakistan

Ptcl Speed Test – Best internet Speed Test for PTCL in Pakistan

When the first website officially came online in 1982. The whole world was amazed by the WWW (World Wide Web). Internet was launched protocol (TCP/IP). Since then the Internet has taken the world by surprise, especially after 2010. The Internet has been the hub of shopping after the creation of E-commerce. Internet is also considered the primary source of Entertainment, and it is the most popular way of sending and receiving information nowadays. It has a lot of uses in day to day life, Especially for sharing images, emailing, Chatting and much more.

According to a survey, 75% of the population of the world is already on the internet. The Survey says 4 Billion people are already using the internet out of 7 billion total population. Asia has the most number of internet users, having 49% of users in the world. China is taking the lead in term of online users. Over 802 million internet users are from China. Moreover, the number of people using the internet is expected to grow at a very higher rate by 2020.

While getting a connection, Internet speed is considered as the primary factor. Some Internet providers have a high-speed connection, and another has an average rate. But I think Internet Speed is also dependent on the country you live in. According to the global speed test provider, South Singapore has the fastest broadband in the world, with a whopping speed of 193.00 Mbps.

In Pakistan, PTCL is the leading broadband service provider. They provide good internet speed at a very reasonable price. I have seen people struggling to find Ptcl speed test website. Most of the sites have only one server, and it is located thousands of miles away from Pakistan. Having a speed test server very far aways is not good.

So that is why we decided to make a Ptcl speed test website. So all Ptcl users in Pakistan can test their network speed through a good server. This Ptcl speed detector is used for Ptcl Broadband, EVO 4g, And mobile speed test.

Ptcl speed test detects location by Latitude and Longitude. Our server will automatically detect your IP address and will assign the nearest speed test server to get the best results. Test results will provide you Upload speed and Download speed along with Ping.

FAQs about Ptcl Speed Test

Which company provide the best broadband service in Pakistan?

Many ISPs in Pakistan provide good speed. Like Ptcl, storm fibre, and Wi-tribe. Best in term of service and issue solving storm fibre is the best. My storm fibre is not available all across Pakistan.

What is download speed? And how to improve it.

Download speed means the rate of data transfer from a server to your computer. The speed can be limited according to your Internet packages.

What is upload Speed? Which ISP provide best Upload speed.

Internet upload speed means the rate of data transfer from a computer to the server. The upload speed in Pakistan ISPs is terrible. In Ptcl you will get 1 Mbps to upload speed for 8 Mbps Packages. But Storm fibre and Wi-tribe provide good Upload Speed.

What is Ping?

Internet ping is a basic program that allows the user to test a certain IP exist and can accept a particular Request. Ping Rate can be different depending on the internet speed and distance between computers.

What is the Ptcl speed test servers?

A server that is allotted to a particular user to check their internet speed is called speed test server. Our website first finds the location of the user and then is provide the nearest server for the user to check speed.